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Potassium hydroxide

  • 氢氧化钾系列 Product Category: Potassium hydroxide series
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Product Details

Application fields of potassium hydroxide:

1. Used as a desiccant and absorbent, for making oxalic acid and various potassium salts, and also for electroplating, carving, lithography, etc.

2. It is mainly used as raw materials for the production of potassium salts, such as potassium permanganate and potassium carbonate. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used in the production of potassium boron hydride, spironolactone, saponin, testosterone propionate, and the like. Used in the light industry for the production of potassium soap, alkaline storage batteries, cosmetics (such as cold creams, creams and shampoos). In the dye industry, it is used to produce vat dyes, such as vat blue RSN. In the electrochemical industry, it is used for electroplating, engraving, etc. In the textile industry, it is used for printing and dyeing, bleaching and mercerizing, and is widely used as the main raw material for manufacturing artificial fibers and polyester fibers. In addition, it is also used in metallurgical heating agents and leather degreasing.

3. Basic chemical raw materials, used in medicine, daily chemical industry, etc.

4. Used as analytical reagent, saponification reagent, carbon dioxide and water absorbent.

5. The daily chemical industry is used as raw materials for making soap, shampoo, cream, cold cream, shampoo, etc. The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce progesterone, vanillin and other raw materials. The dye industry is used to make melamine dyes. The battery industry is used to make alkaline storage batteries.

Storage and transportation of potassium hydroxide:

1. Transportation precautions: When railroad transportation, steel drums can be transported in open cars. The package should be complete at the time of shipment and the loading should be secure.

2. Precautions for storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The humidity in the warehouse is preferably not more than 85%. The packaging must be sealed and protected from moisture.

3. Packing method: The solid can be tightly sealed in a 0.5 mm thick steel drum, and the net weight of each barrel does not exceed 100 kg; the plastic bag or the double-layer kraft paper bag is fully or middle-opened steel drums;

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