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99 tablets

  • 片碱系列 Product Category: Protopine Series
  • 淄博市临淄鸿滨化工厂 Manufacturer: Zibo Linzi Hongbin Chemical Plant
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Product Details

99 tablets of alkali generally use 25kg three-layer plastic woven bags, the inner and outer layers are plastic woven bags, and the middle layer is a plastic inner film bag.

Pyridoxine is classified as Class 8.2 Alkali Corrosive by the "Classification and Marking of Commonly Used Dangerous Chemicals (GB 13690-92)", which is a Class 8 dangerous goods. Hazard code: 1823 It should be stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse or cargo shed. The packaging container should be complete and sealed. Do not co-storage with flammables and acids.

During transportation, pay attention to moisture and rain. In case of fire, you can use water, sand and various fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. However, firefighters should pay attention to the corrosiveness of water dissolved in caustic soda.

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