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Product Details

Granular alkali is granular caustic soda, also called pearline, a kind of solid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) product, chemical formula: NaOH. According to the size of the particle, it can be divided into coarse-grained alkali and fine-grained alkali. The particle size of the fine-grained alkali is about 0.7mm, and its shape is similar to washing powder.


Among solid bases, protopine and granulated alkali are common and used solid granules, and granulated alkali is more useful than protopine, but the production process of granulated base is more difficult and more complicated than that of protopine. Therefore, the price of granulated alkali is naturally higher than that of protopine.

Granular alkali characteristics:

Alkali is easy to deliquesce and react with carbon dioxide, so the preservation of solid alkali generally requires absolute drying and sealing.

Granular alkali is solid sodium hydroxide, which has all the chemical properties of sodium hydroxide. When placed in the air, it will absorb moisture in the air, deliquesce, and react with carbon dioxide to deteriorate. It also requires dry and sealed packaging on the packaging. 25KG three-layer plastic woven bag packaging granules.

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