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Cleaning the reactor with tablet alkali

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    When the reactor is used normally, there may be a variety of materials that may be involved. All of the materials are relatively easy to clean after the participation in the reaction, but sometimes they are added when the reactor is used. Some oils and fats need to be used when cleaning.
    1. The first thing is to use clean water to clean most of the remaining materials in the reactor as a whole. If you find that you ca n’t get bored after cleaning, you need to clean it manually. You can choose to use a brush or other methods To clean.

    2. Then you need to add water to the reactor to the appropriate position, and then add an appropriate amount of protopine or hydrochloric acid into the reactor. Slowly heat the equipment to 80 degrees Celsius before continuing to stir 30 After a few minutes, the material discharge valve can be opened, and the material pipeline is cleaned while passing through the material circulation pump.


    3. Then use a relatively large amount of water to rinse it until the pH value inside the device is neutral. There is also the need to repeatedly clean the inlet and outlet valves. .
    4. Generally, after the production of a batch of products, the inside of the equipment needs to be cleaned, and if it is not used within one day after cleaning, it is necessary to clean again.
    After the introduction, we learned that the effect of cleaning the reactor using protopine is very good, but we also need to control the concentration when cleaning. Generally, it is necessary to wash the water after it has been sufficiently dissolved. .
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