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Corrosiveness of protopine on the human body

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    We usually know more or less that some tablets of alkali are corrosive to the human body, but what many people do n’t know is how serious the corrosive nature is, so in fact we are usually When using it, you must fully understand its corrosiveness, so that you will be more cautious when using it.
    1. When sodium hydroxide is dissolved in water, it will generate a lot of heat, and it will affect our eyes and the respiratory tract, etc. Sometimes, the solution will be accidentally sprayed onto the skin. Burns, even some of the body's eye mucous membranes, are actually very serious when they are burned. There are even more serious cases that in addition to deep eye damage, and some very serious people who have been exposed to protopine have May cause blindness.

    2. Sometimes when you accidentally swallow it, there may be severe burns in the digestive tract, and even bloody vomiting in the mucosal ulcers inside the stomach and intestines, even when it is difficult to swallow, or even Some cases such as gastric perforation may also occur.


    3. There are also many products used in industry which have higher purity, so if they are splashed on the skin during use, they will also erode the epidermis and form a relatively serious burn. And because it has the ability to solubilize proteins, it will be more difficult to do so.
    The above is how the corrosiveness of protopine to the human body can be seen. In fact, it can be seen that the form of corrosion is actually very serious, so in fact it will be used in many industries except in many industries. It is usually used in daily life. In fact, the amount is not very large, so in fact, when we use it, we need to choose the appropriate way to operate.
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