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Application of protopine in the production of instant tea

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    We actually talked a lot about the application of protopine in the previous article, but in fact most of the applications are introduced in the industry or some chemical industries, but in fact there are some things that you do n’t know are in There are also applications in the production of instant tea.

    In the beginning of the production process of instant tea, there may be some broken tea leaves or some other suspended impurities, so one of the very important steps in our production is purification treatment. The first thing that needs to be done is to perform a filtering process. Generally, centrifugal filtration or other methods are used for filtration. After filtering, some of the larger impurities can be removed and then the next step is to remove the precipitate from the tea leaves. In many cold teas, it is necessary to perform the dissolution treatment. At present, there are two more methods that are applicable to use alkaline substances and enzymatic degradation. Among them, protopine is used when alkaline substances are used.


    First, a certain amount of sodium hydroxide is added to the precipitate for dissociation treatment, so that these precipitates can become soluble molecules of small molecules. Specifically, about 6% of alkaline substances are added to the precipitate during the operation. At this time, the pH value in the solution will often reach 9 or so. During the dissolution process, the speed can be increased by stirring, and then a certain amount of edible acid is added to the Wang Dang to neutralize it.
    The above is the application of protopine in the production of instant tea. It can be seen that the use of this substance can deal with the clarity of the instant tea very well.
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