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Red when producing protopine

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    We have described in the previous article that blackening may occur during the production of protopine, and we also introduced in the previous article how to solve it when blackening occurs, but sometimes During production, it is neither white nor black, but red. Many people worry that such products can still be used normally.

    In fact, the product here is red when it is produced. It is because the cauldron method is used in the production process. When we consider the problem, we need to choose from the quality of alkali, sodium nitrate, and the amount of sulfur added The angle is comprehensively considered, and even the duration of the melting process is sometimes affected, as well as the proficiency of the temperature system during the production process.


    First of all, we need to know that when using the cauldron method to produce, it is basically composed of three processes, which are the three parts of evaporation dehydration, melting and clarification. During the production and processing of protopine, because it is highly corrosive, it will cause corrosion in the cauldron during the production process, so the corroded metal elements will be mixed into the product during production. As a result, the surface of the produced product is also colored. Therefore, when we use this method for production and processing, we need to perform decoloring treatment before cooling and solidification, so that we can ensure that the finished product will not have other colors.
    The above is the reason why protopine appears red when it is produced. This is actually related to our production process, because some metal elements of some production equipment may be corroded, so the corroded elements Will mix into the product, making the product with other colors.