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Dust collector used in protopine production

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    Alkaline dust is produced during the production process of protopine. Our human body is more corrosive to the eyes and skin when it comes into contact with these dusts, so we will use some methods to remove dust during the production process, which is more traditional. The method of dust removal is to use a high-powered fan for blowing, but in fact the dust removal effect of this method is not very good, so many manufacturers now choose to use dust collectors to remove dust during the production process.

    If you use a bag filter, you need to pay attention to that there will be a lot of alkaline substances in the dust, so when you use it, you must clean it regularly to prevent it from being corroded, and it will also cause some dead ends of the pipelines inside the device Must be corrosive


    Also, because the main place where dust is generated during the production process is packaging, we must focus on this part when removing dust, and do not stay at high wind speed for a long time when removing flake alkali dust. Use it because the loss of the equipment is often relatively large, and the equipment will also generate heat during use, which will affect the dust removal efficiency.
    The bag in the bag filter must be cleaned after using it for a period of time to ensure that the bag can achieve a very good effect when it is filtered.
    The above are some of the precautions for using the dust collector in the production process of flake alkali. Because the product itself has strong alkali performance, you must be careful not to cause severe corrosion to the dust removal equipment when performing dust removal. It is necessary to clean up the dust in the equipment in time after use.
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