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How to determine if the protopine has deteriorated

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    Sometimes we buy a large amount of prochlorine when we buy it, but we do n’t run out of it when we use it, so we need to store it in a warehouse and wait until it is used, but In fact, there is a problem that we need to pay attention to when using it, that is, whether the alkali has deteriorated during the storage process, so how should we judge whether it has deteriorated when using it?
    We learned in the middle school that sodium hydroxide can generate sodium carbonate after reacting with carbon dioxide, so we only need to check whether the ingredients have become sodium carbonate to confirm whether there is any deterioration. Then we need to first add the material to the water to dissolve when testing, and then add the following three to determine whether there is any deterioration.

    1. Hydrochloric acid can be added to the reaction for reaction. If bubbles are found in the solution, it means that it has deteriorated. If it is not added after adding it, it means that the protopine has not deteriorated.


    2. Add the barium chloride solution and stir it. If precipitation material is found, it indicates that it has deteriorated.
    3. Add the saturated sodium hydroxide solution, because the solution is saturated when it is added, so if there is precipitation material when adding it, it means that there is no deterioration, but if you add it, you can continue Dissolution means that it has deteriorated.
    The above are the three methods to judge whether the protopine has deteriorated. We only need to dissolve the ingredients and test whether it is sodium carbonate to confirm whether there is deterioration. However, when we make purchases, we should not buy too much. Too much, so it is likely to cause deterioration during storage.
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