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Can protopine be replaced by compound base

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    At present, many manufacturers use alkaloids in wastewater treatment, but some people may feel that the amount used is a little too much, and there is a compound alkali that is used in a smaller amount when used. And because most of the materials used are natural, the price is relatively low, so many people will wonder whether it can be replaced by complex bases.

    First of all, we need to compare the treatment of organic and inorganic wastewater. When the experiment is performed, two alkaline chemicals are used to adjust the pH of the wastewater and adjust the pH to an alkaline state, which is beneficial. Follow-up treatment work, so that the residual ferrous iron can also be precipitated clean during the breaking phase, and it is more appropriate to adjust the pH value to above 8.5 during processing.


    After the experiment, it can be found that the use of complex alkali adjustment value can also reach the emission standard, but the amount used is more than half more than that. The amount of protopine used to achieve the same treatment effect is relatively small. However, the effect of complex alkali to remove heavy metals and carry out precipitation is very good. In addition, during the coagulation reaction, there are still some coagulation-aid components in it that are also conducive to improving the coagulation effect, so that the moisture content of the sludge after treatment is relatively low.
    After the introduction, we learned that the use of compound base can replace protopine, but we will also find that the amount of it is not less or even more, but in fact, both types can be used. Just choose according to your needs.