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Reasons for the high cost of protopine

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    Recently, the price of pork has risen by about two to three times, even higher than the price of beef and mutton. In fact, not only the price of pork has risen, but the prices of many things are slowly rising. Pyridine, which is very widely used in the industry, has also started to increase its price. This is also because its production cost is getting higher and higher. The price can only be increased when the product is sold. So why the cost of production now starts to increase. Let ’s take a look at the reasons for the increase in product cost and price.
    1. Because the product needs to use coal for heating and evaporation during production, and the amount of coal used is very large, but now the price of coal is also rising very fast, so the cost in this regard will also increase .
    2. Because trucks are driven during the transportation process, and now the price of oil is constantly rising, so the freight in this area has also increased a lot, which has led to customers when buying tablets The price is relatively high.
    3. On the other hand, the cost of labor is continuously increasing. Now various prices are rising extremely fast, so the cost of labor is also constantly increasing.
    4. There is also a very main reason is that the prices of the main raw materials, liquid alkali, have also increased significantly, which has led to higher product costs during production.
    After the introduction above, we understand the reason for the increase in the cost and price of protopine. The reason why its cost is increased is the increase in costs caused by the combination of various aspects. Generally speaking, it is mainly reflected in the rise in prices of coal, petroleum, and raw materials. High resulting in high product costs.
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