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Can lyeine and lime be mixed during neutralization

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    We mentioned in the previous article that the neutralization reaction between protopine and acid will generate salts, so that the pH in the solution will be in a balanced state, but there are actually many places where lime is also used during neutralization. -So let's see if these two can be mixed when neutralizing:
    Lime used in wastewater treatment, also known as calcium hydroxide, is a white or off-white powder solid. Because its properties are similar to those of sodium hydroxide, both are strong alkalis, so it can also be used to adjust the pH value of wastewater. Of course, phosphate can be removed and most of the heavy metals can even kill bacteria in the water. It is widely used in electroplating plants, chemical plants, printing and dyeing plants and other places.
    In the wastewater treatment industry, because the water quality of wastewater is very different, each wastewater generally uses two or more chemicals for neutralization operation, or the chemicals with the same chemical properties are added for treatment. The sodium hydroxide required for wastewater treatment is a white translucent flake. Because it is strongly alkaline, corrosive and easily absorbs moisture, it can adjust the pH value during wastewater treatment. In addition, protopine can also be used as a precipitating agent, so that it can participate in the reaction with the metal ions in the solution to produce a precipitate to remove harmful heavy metal ions. In fact, when performing acid-base neutralization, we can use two types: The medicine is used in combination, but when it is used together, care must be taken to select the appropriate ratio.
    After the above explanation, we learned that protopine can be mixed with lime during neutralization, but we must pay attention to controlling the relevant proportions when mixing and using.