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Treatment of protopine leaks

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    Protopine is usually required to be protected after being used in normal use. This is also because the product itself has relatively strong corrosive properties when it is used again. When the product is transported or stored, When should we choose to deal with it?
    ① When leakage occurs, workers must wear protective masks when handling, and also need to wear protective clothing with anti-corrosive properties, and also be careful when the protective clothing is damaged when handling, causing the media to get directly In contact with skin.

    ②Sometimes it may cause leakage due to some wrong operations during production, so when the leakage of protopine is in use, it is necessary to set up an isolated pollution area, and do not let unrelated personnel Enter into the polluted place at will.


    ③ Do not allow some water to enter the storage container. It will also cause other chemical reactions. When processing, you need to choose a special facility to handle it. If there is a large number of leaks, if If you cannot handle it in time, you need to cover it with plastic cloth.
    ④ There are also some places where the source of the leak is covered with a plastic cover. When cleaning, be sure to avoid dust.
    When the protopine leaks during use, these methods need to be used to handle it. Because the product itself has strong alkaline properties when used, it must be as much as possible when used. In order to avoid leakage, it is necessary to perform inspections during storage.