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Effect of weather on production of protopine during production

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    When we usually use protopine, we will also find that there will be wet agglomeration during use. This kind of problem generally occurs because the environment is relatively humid, so in fact, some The surrounding environment will also affect the production effect, and the impact of weather conditions on product production during production is also relatively large.

    Because when the product is made into a sheet, it needs to be air-dried to dry it, but sometimes the effect of air-drying is very bad when it is raining or wet weather, so I encounter this kind of weather again It is recommended to choose other methods to dry the product. If it rains in the middle of drying, you need to find a way to dry the wet product. Moreover, many manufacturers now use special drying equipment in order to improve the efficiency of protopine production, so that they do not need to consider the problem of rain when they are used.


    With the arrival of cold winter weather, many areas have begun to snow. In the event of snow, the treatment is actually similar to the rainy weather, and even the winter weather itself is relatively cold. It is slower, so you can choose other methods to dry in winter. Some manufacturers store their products in relatively simple open-air warehouses. In this way, they must be covered by special things when they are stored, so as to avoid some adverse effects on the quality of the products after being exposed to the sun and rain.
    After the introduction above, we learned that the effects of different weather conditions when producing protopine are indeed relatively large, so we must check the weather forecast in advance during normal production, and arrange the next day according to the weather forecast. The production plan ensures that the quality of the products produced is not affected.