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Pyridoxine can improve the abrasion resistance of cloth

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    Many of the applications we know about tablet alkali are actually only used in relatively large amounts, but in fact there are many occasions where the amount is small but the effect is very good, otherwise we usually wear clothing The fabric used can be added during the production process, and the processed product will find its anti-friction performance significantly improved when it is used.
    1) After adding it to the production of cotton, linen, wool and other woven fabrics, even after washing the fabric in the later period, there will be no shrinkage, or the shrinkage will not be obvious.

    2) Many textile threads and cloths have very good anti-friction performance after adding lye, so that they will not be damaged when they are used with a little force.


    3) Yes, many blended / chemical fiber fabrics have the effect of imitation cotton, hemp, wool or silk after processing.
    4) After processing, the textile thread will have a better feel when used, and its own drape performance is also relatively good.
    5) Moreover, the water resistance is often good when used, and the air permeability is also good when used.
    After the introduction above, we learned that the addition of protopine in the fabric can not only improve its anti-friction performance, but also significantly improve the performance of the fabric in many aspects, such as the quality of the fabric after processing into clothing. Better.
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