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Pyridine used in the production of glass

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    Now many glass products have improved in quality and performance in all aspects compared with before. It is for this reason that the amount of glass used in many industries is very large. In the process, protopine is usually added to improve the performance of glass.
    Because the requirements of the glass products to be produced are all different, the adjustment of the added dosage is required to a suitable ratio. And it can be added to the following products to make glass.
    1. High-grade utensils: In many glass products, such as glass crafts, which have high requirements for glass, they will be used to enhance the process advantages.

    2. Bottled glass: In many medical or chemical fields, when experiments are required, some glass is used for packaging or testing. These glasses need to be used in production when they are produced. produced.


    3. Flat glass: Now many glass used on doors and windows is not limited to pure glass. Many glass will have some patterns or frosted decorative groups, and these are needed for production. Use sodium hydroxide.
    4. Optical glass: one is mainly used in the production of reflectors, prisms and perspective mirrors.
    In the process of glass production, the use of protopine has a better effect. The added glass will have better clarity after production, but when adding, we need to control the dosage added, because if Adding too much of it may be counterproductive.
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