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Myths about using protopine

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    When we look at protopine according to some life experiences, there are actually some misunderstandings. This also causes us to perform some wrong operations when using it. Sometimes the wrong operations just have no effect, but in fact There are some more dangerous situations. Let's take a look at our misunderstandings about sodium hydroxide.
    1. Many of us will think that sodium hydroxide is already contained in sodium hydroxide, so it will not react with sodium again during the reaction. However, in actual use, protopine will react with sodium metal, and after the reaction, we can obtain the sodium oxide we need.

    2. Iron cannot react with the product. This is also a mistaken understanding. The product can react with iron powder to produce metal sodium under the condition of anhydrous high temperature.


    3. Many people still think that its ability is strongly alkaline, and it is not a disinfectant, so it will not have bactericidal effect, but in fact, the fragrance itself can be sterilized, but because its alkalinity is relatively Strong, so it is rarely used in ordinary disinfection, but this does not negate its good sterilization effect.
    4. Sodium hydroxide can boil water when placed in water, but in fact, it will only emit a certain amount of heat after dissolving in water, and this heat is generally not enough to make water boil.
    The above is the misunderstanding when we usually use protopine. I believe that everyone will have a deeper understanding of the product after reading the above introduction, so that we will avoid doing it because of some wrong perceptions when we use it. Out of operation.
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