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Making detergent with protopine

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    We have previously known that protopine can be used to make handmade soaps, but it is unexpected that it can also be used to make dishwashing liquids, because in addition to the use of sodium hydroxide in the production, there is also a need to use.
    1. Fill the prepared water into a large container first, and then leave some water to dissolve the substance. Add a part of sodium hydroxide to it and stir until completely dissolved.
    2. Then add sulfonic acid, AEO-9, AES, 6501, betaine, etc. and stir them until completely dissolved.

    3. When the liquid in the container is in a relatively clear state as a whole, the pH of the solution can be adjusted. At this time, the protopine that has not been added before can be added to the water. When it is added, it needs to be adjusted while stirring, and at the same time, the pH value is detected, and it can be avoided when the pH is in the range of 7-8. It is burned during use, and in the process, if it is too alkaline, it can be adjusted by adding sulfuric acid.


    4. Some will make the detergent thicker by adding salt. Then add flavor to it to adjust the taste.
    The above is the method of using detergents to make detergent. We need to control the proportion of the detergent in the process of use. In this way, the detergent produced can not only clean, but also avoid the harm of opponents, but Some detergents cut corners during production, so we recommend choosing products from regular manufacturers when choosing detergents.
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