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How to deal with alkaline burn skin

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    Protopine has strong alkalinity. In the previous article, Xiaobian mentioned many times to avoid direct contact with the skin when using it, but sometimes there may be burns because of careless handling. So what should be done after burning the skin.
    1. After the skin is accidentally corroded, the injured area needs to be rinsed with a large amount of running water. Be sure to rinse the surface alkalis, and then use a weakly acidic solution to neutralize the wound. You can choose Very low concentrations of acetic acid or boric acid. This process must be fast and timely. If you do not wait for a long time, even if you clean it up later, it will make recovery more difficult. And it is not recommended to use gauze for bandaging operation, so the situation of the corroded area cannot be observed. If the corrosion is serious, you need to go to a regular medical office or seek medical treatment immediately. Even very serious patients may also undergo skin grafting. However, this is only for very serious situations, and generally does not need to be handled in this way.
    2. During the period of treatment after treatment, patients are not recommended to drink a lot of water. You can eat some liquid foods with good digestion. After a period of time, you can slowly return to the regular diet, but the ordinary diet needs to be light. And a nutritious master should not eat spicy, irritating, greasy and other irritating foods. You can eat more eggs, soybeans and other foods that help to restore the wound. When the wound heals, some secretions often overflow. At this time, the injured area is very susceptible to infection, so it must be treated frequently when the secretions appear.
    3. When it is not completely recovered, it is impossible to directly touch the affected part with your hand, and it is not possible to cause friction with it, so as to avoid being infected by bacteria and thus aggravating the disease. Generally, when the epidermis is growing, there may be blisters. At this time, you should choose to use sterile scissors to handle it. Do not handle it by hand or other tools, otherwise you may be infected with bacteria. If there is a sudden deterioration during recovery, it is necessary to promptly report to the doctor and check.
    The above is the treatment method for alkaline skin burns. First, rinse with water or boronic acid and acetic acid, etc. Seriously, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time, including the need to pay attention to diet and do not touch with hands during the subsequent treatment.

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