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Heating of protopine by molten salt method

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    We also talked about a lot of methods for the processing of tablet alkali before. In the process of processing, the process of heating is indispensable. This is also an operation that needs to be performed no matter what production process is used, and there are many heating methods. . Among them, the effect of heating by the molten salt method is relatively good. Let's take a look at using this method to heat the product.
    1. In the entire process of processing, the product needs to be heated first, the alkali is first volatile, and the subsequent operations can be carried out after reaching a certain concentration value. The boiler method used previously is to directly heat the boiler through the fire, so that the coal cannot be cleaned after combustion, and a lot of ash and dust deposits are collected in the furnace and the alkaline boiler, which will lead to the subsequent heat conduction output power. low.
    2. In order to save energy consumption, the three-pot method is generally used: heating pot, cooking pot and color pot.
    3. The molten salt heating device is such coal-based molten salt heating program software, which can play a role in controlling the temperature of the molten salt reaching the concentrator. This is also because there are corresponding technological regulations in the processing of high-concentration modules.


    4. The molten salt derived from coal enters the furnace at a temperature of 430 ° C required by the concentrator. When the molten salt exits the high-concentration equipment, the temperature is 400 ° C, and the force is injected into the molten salt tank.
    5. The entire circulation system of molten salt is transported by the molten salt pump. Then the high-temperature smoke and dust from the molten salt furnace will enter the gas-fired steam boiler, and then be cooled by the air preheater and then enter the water film dust collector.
    6. After the dust and ash are removed, the flue gas needs to be desulfurized, and then it can enter the booster fan, and the air is introduced through the booster fan.
    The above is the method of heating the tablet alkali by using the molten salt method. The heating temperature must reach the required temperature, otherwise the heating effect may be poor.