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Guangdong solid alkali

  • 固碱系列 Product Category: Solid alkali series
  • 淄博市临淄鸿滨化工厂 Manufacturer: Zibo Linzi Hongbin Chemical Plant
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Product Details

Soda ash is a form of caustic soda.

Product aliases: sodium hydroxide, caustic, caustic soda, caustic soda.

Molecular formula: NaOH

Uses: Widely used in chemical, metallurgy, paper, petroleum, textile and daily chemical industries.

CAS number1310-73-2

Product features and advantages:

1. Alkalinity is equivalent to sodium hydroxide;

2. Not only can adjust the PH value, but also has the functions of demulsification and improving coagulation effect;

3. In some wastewater, the effluent is clearer than sodium hydroxide, especially the effect of more complex wastewater (such as circuit board, electroplating and other wastewater);

4. In some wastewater, it also helps the heavy metal sedimentation and phosphorus removal effect;

5. The use cost is low, which meets the high-quality and low-cost production requirements of the enterprise.

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