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Zibo Linzi Hongbin Chemical Plant is located in Qilu Chemical Industrial Park, five kilometers away from Qiguo Chemical City in the east, and fifteen kilometers away from Zibo, a town in the middle of the west. It is adjacent to Qilu Petrochemical Company, a large enterprise in the country. The Qinghai Highway passes by the factory, the geographical position is superior, and the transportation is very convenient.
,经过先进工艺精制而成的,产品经过质量检测部门鉴定,完全符合gb209-2006国家标准。 The company's main products are lyeine (sodium hydroxide) content of 99%, solid alkali, caustic soda, granulated alkali , refined through advanced technology, and the product has been identified by the quality inspection department and fully meets the gb209-2006 national standard. The factory also produces 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 5%, 90% and water-alkali of various types of protopine.
Caustic soda is one of the main basic chemical raw materials for the national economy. It is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, textiles, medicine, pesticides and other departments, as well as raw materials for the synthesis of organic and inorganic chemical products.
Company tenet: based on sincerity, taking the customer as the center, and constantly improving the customer service system. In the spirit of "integrity, teamwork, pragmatic, positive, professional and innovative", the company is willing to create brilliant with friends from all walks of life.