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The company's leading products are tablet alkali, solid alkali (sodium hydroxide), refined through advanced technology


Chemical name sodium hydroxide, white translucent flake solid, is a basic chemical raw material, pure product is colorless transparent crystal, relative density is 2.130, melting point is 318.4 ° C, boiling point is 1390 ° C, it is widely regarded as a medium in the water treatment industry. It is widely used in chemical industry for various sodium salt manufacturing, soap, paper making, cotton fabric, silk, viscose fiber, rubber product regeneration, metal cleaning, electroplating, bleaching, etc. Protopine is highly corrosive, and has special requirements for the safety protection of protopine. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse or cargo shed. The packaging container must be complete and sealed. It must not be mixed with flammables and acids. And pay attention to moisture and rain during transportation.
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  • Industrial grade protopine

    Industrial grade protopine

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    99 tablets

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    Sodium hydroxide

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    Caustic soda

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The protopine manufacturer Zibo Linzi Hongbin Chemical Factory is a well-known local chemical enterprise. The products produced are of high purity, good quality, low price, guaranteed quality, and special processing according to user needs. Due to the particularity of the product, it is necessary to pay attention to protective measures to ensure safety during handling and use.

The company's main products are lyeine (sodium hydroxide) content of 99%, solid alkali, caustic soda, granulated alkali, refined through advanced technology, and the product has been identified by the quality inspection department and fully meets the GB209-2006 national standard. The factory also produces 60%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90% and water-alkali of various types of protopine. Caustic soda is one of the main basic chemical raw materials for the national economy. It is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, textiles, medicine, pesticides and other departments, as well as raw materials for the synthesis of organic and inorganic chemical products.


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Uses of protopine
Pycnogenol is a basic chemical raw material with a wide range of uses. It is widely used in the light textile industry such as papermaking, rayon and cotton fabrics, dyes, rubber and chemical industries, petroleum drilling, petroleum oil refining oil and tar refining, and machinery industry. , Wood processing, metallurgical industry is also used to manufacture chemicals, paper, soap and detergents, processing bauxite alumina and mercerizing of textiles, water treatment, etc.
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